A cost-efficient solution to minimize the risk of unexpected power loss and electrical fires

With the use of the latest thermal imaging technologies and smart devices, Kalor Metrics has developed a solution that enables companies to conduct and maintain their own active thermal inspection routine for a fraction of the cost.

Unexpected power loss and electrical fires are a real risk

Today most manufacturing and industrial environments make heavy use of a wide range of electrical equipment and therefore rely heavily on electricity for their operation and production. Any electrical interruptions and/or outages can have severe and costly consequences.

The challenges of estimating electrical equipment health

Measuring and estimating the function and health of electrical equipment can also be challenging, as to get the most accurate reading of its condition it needs to be measured under operational load. This, however, introduces both operational and safety challenges. Heat radiation is a key metric when it comes to the estimation of electrical equipment health, as when electrical equipment starts to malfunction it often starts to radiate more heat. With the use of a thermal camera, the challenge of estimating the equipment health can be addressed as they provide the means to make non-interruptive touch-free measurements of the heat-radiation of the equipment.

The benefit of doing regular thermal inspections is clear. However, until now they have required expensive specialized equipment, specially trained thermographers and hours of manual work to perform the inspection and to analyze the thermal images and historical heat trends.

Streamlined inspection process with Thermal Inspector

With Kalor Metrics thermal inspector the amount of manual work required for each inspection is significantly reduced. Onsite electricians are guided through the inspection process through an intuitive user interface and the thermal images and the historical trends are automatically processed. The solution then gives notifications if any anomalies are detected.


The thermal inspector is suitable for electricians to address a wide range of applications from inspecting the electrical cabinets in our home to maintenance planning and health estimation of large scale industrial sites.

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