Thermal inspection system to prevent pot leakage and improve operator overview

PotSAFE provides operators with a detailed overview of the condition of the insulation of every aluminum reduction cell. Allowing them to adopt predictive maintenance to reduce cost and increase operational safety.

The dangers of failing insulation

Aluminum is produced in aluminum reduction cells. Over time, the insulation of these cells starts to break down and fail. When that happens there is a real danger that molten aluminum and electrolyte comes into contact with the outer shell of the cell. The molten aluminum is highly corrosive and rapidly perforates the outer shell allowing the metal to freely leak out. Every failing cell thereby presents a great danger to both workers and equipment.

The ineffectiveness of manual inspections

Estimation of cell health is most often done through manual inspection. In many smelters, there are over 20.000 collector bars making manual inspection very time consuming and prone for human error. Additionally, the effectiveness of these inspections can greatly vary as they are heavily dependant on the experience and skill of the operator performing the inspection. They are also often performed without any data logging and thereby missing a vital part for an accurate assessment of the development of each cell's health.

Improved overview and safety with PotSAFE

Fast and accurately PotSAFE records and logs the thermal data for every cell and compares the data to previously recorded inspections. PotSAFE improves the operator's overview of the pot health and increases operational safety by notifying the operators of any abnormalities in the pots health, allowing them to take preventive measures before the pot starts to leak.

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