Complete automation solutions through partnership

For complex automation tasks, the processing of visual input is often only a single part of much larger picture. The output from that processing is then often used to control mechanical devices, I/O signals and/or robotics. To be able to offer complete automation solutions, from design to implementation Kalor Metrics has teamed up with EFLA Consulting Engineers. Kalor's vision system expertise is then joined with the extensive automation and mechanical experience of EFLA. Together we can offer unique solutions to the most challenging of problems.

Sensor intelligence

Kalor Metrics and EFLA are official Sick partners. Sick offers a wide range of reliable high-quality sensors and with their sensor technology, we can offer solutions to a variety of common manufacturing problems.

Identify your opportunities

By having a sit down with an automation expert to review your processes, opportunities and low hanging fruits can be quickly identified. We offer automation consultancy for exactly that. The service involves an onsite visit by an automation expert which gets to know the manufacturing processing through dialog with staff and visual inspection of the site. The automation expert then compiles a report summarizing and ranking what challenges and opportunities he identified within the process. This report then forms the base for reaching your automation goals.   

Customized solution to your needs

Kalor Metrics has extensive experience in image processing and object detection using cameras, thermal imaging, and other vision sensor technology. Combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence Kalor Metrics can create a solution to your needs.

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