Reduced maintenance costs and increased operational safety

Kalor Metrics CruSAFE gives accurate readings of the condition of crucible insulation, allowing for better utilization and increased work environment safety.

The dangers of failing insulation

As the thermal insulation of a crucible starts to deteriorate the heat emissivity through its surface increases. This can be the first sign of a leaking crucible. To prevent leakage the relining of the crucibles is normally carried out after a fixed number of service cycles according to a preventive maintenance plan.


Thermal emissivity is a key condition indicator 

By measuring the thermal emissivity of the crucible when under full load the health of the thermal insulation can be accurately evaluated. However performing manual thermal surveillance can be time-consuming, readings can be unreliable due to human error, and it puts workers in proximity to hazardous conditions.

Increased safety and utilization with CruSAFE

The CruSAFE solution locates workers outside of the danger zone while evaluating crucible health. It actively monitors the insulation of the crucible and enables smelters to move to a predictive maintenance schedule for its crucibles. The system notifies the operators of any abnormalities and helps to maximize the crucible lifetime between relining, prevents leakage and increases work environment safety.

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